irises at the nezu

Irises and Red and White Plum Blossoms  by Ogata Korin -- two folding screens dating back to the 18th century, displayed at the Nezu Museum, just as the real irises in the garden's pond are beginning to bloom: 


Simple, elegant, striking, both screens by Korin  are considered National Treasures. Covered with gold, the paper is very fragile, so they are presented very rarely and only in a dark room.  Obviously no photography what-so-ever, but for your viewing pleasure, a few images from the museum's website:



Mother nature being more generous, clumps of blue irises come back every May and can be relished (and photographed!) at will in the Nezu superb garden. What a treat! 

The line in front of the museum this morning seemed insane, but it was definitely worth it:


My only problem is I can't quite decide whether I loved irises against the gold background or the ones in the pond better...