sugimoto on the spirit of things (monogokoro)

Hiroshi Sugimoto who often uses the word monogokoro (the spirit of the object) with regard to the objects he collects, says he is that objects share complimentary relationships with texts -- it's a series of mutual chain reactions -- they give birth to stories and can tell us a lot: 

Humankin has a history of making all sorts of things. Indeed, making things is characteristic of our species. Art too is the act of making things. And these days I find myself paying far more attention to the hints I can glean from things or objects, and far les to the information contained in words. Why? Because objects never lie. From the polished stone tools of the Stone Age to modern-age computer chips, objects always tell us something. This is why I wanted to reinterpret human history based on listening to what objects "say" to us. It is not dissimilar to historical materialism which sees history in terms of the means of production and the social realtions of production .