never far never near


  • ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
    Never fear. I know the difference between
    arteries and ardor, arbor and treed,
    my bower and a weak-kneed need, a harbor
    where one might moor tonight and a port worth
    the oars’ effort to come ashore for, a bit
    part and the serpent’s gravid apple. I won’t
    flatter myself first or lasting, or
    presume to fast and fein a martyr, making
    mockery of sacrifice, fatten
    for some sweet slaughter. I must believe that I’m
    not on your mind. On your body? Sure.
    That said, your body has a few ideas
    so bright that we might meet some night and render
    a dark room light as the last day before
    the world ends, that doom that was supposed to dawn
    today, but by now, hours worn on and in,
    we know there’s no such luxury as fine
    as that finality for now. For now, 
    at least, I’ll have to kiss apocalypse
    goodbye, resign myself to this more mundane
    pain, the solace of the solstice, year’s
    earliest sunset and its longest night.
    I try to catch that fade of color with,
    without a flash. Both tries prove terrible.
    The horizon smudges up against the sky’s blue
    like a child’s heavy-handed landscape
    and inept erasure. They’ll have to do.
    The pictures that I have of you will never
    do you justice, either, neither a camera’s
    snap nor some synaptic crackle long
    elapsed can come remotely close to holding
    you. How else would you have it? You need
    never fear. I need you, but I only need you
    where you are: there, never far, never near.

By Dora Malech;

(picked up from Alec Soth's via Instagram)