soft light seeps in


Hiroshi Senju Museum in Karuizawa — luminous,  meditative space, where art and nature blend into one.

Designed by Ruye Nishizawa (SANAA) the building nested on a small hill, gently follows its slope.  

Soft light seeps in through semi-transparent glass walls, obliterating boundaries between the inside and the outside.

As I entered, I immediately thought of Teshima Art Museum,  also designed by Nishizawa, which I had a chance to visit two years ago.  

Photography is not permitted in either of the spaces that are meant to serve as places of contemplation and stillness. And maybe it's good...

I walked slowly absorbing the space, feeling the smooth concrete floor, relishing the light of a late summer day. 

You can also listen to music composed by Akira Senju and performed by Mariko Senju (yes, they are all siblings and supposedly their mother was larger than life figure).

And of course, there is the art of Hiroshi Senju -- quiet paintings inspired by nature, which tend to become a little more abstract as he ages. 

To learn more, read Susan Rogers Chikuba story in Artscapes. 

And to revisit Teshima, have a look at Every Drop of Water with beautiful photographs by Morikawa Noboru (many thanks again for allowing me to publish them here).