hina matsuri


March 3rd is Hina Matsuri in Japan, also called the Girls' or Dolls' Day. Traditionally, families display  their sets of ornamental dolls 雛人形, hina-ningyō), which they arrange on special platforms -- stairs, covered with red cloth, On top sit the Emperor and the Empress, next come their attendants and musicians in traditional Heian costumes, and then on lower levels, and then many other elaborate figurines on lower levels.

Handed down from generation to generation, these elaborate sets can sometimes be very precious. These days however, the tradition seems to be dying out, especially in big cities like Tokyo. A lot of families living in tiny apartment buildings, do not have enough space to store the sets which need to be meticulously maintained. 

So here is a modern take on the tradition... An exhibit of dolls I saw two years ago in a Isetan Gallery in Ginza. Rather edgy, right? 

Unfortunately I did not write the name of the artist, but if I remember correctly it was a fashion designer. I am not that much into dolls, but these were interesting. And I loved the dresses... 

 But here is a modern, rather edgy (quite literally) take on the tradition... A special exhibit of dolls I saw two years ago in the Isetan Gallery in Ginza. Unfortunatelly, I did not note down the name of the artist... But definitely modern, and if I remember correctly it was actually a fashion designer... How do you like it? #femal #modern #tradition #evolving #tokyo #design #fashion #Japan #