pinkhassov: outside the frame

 Gueorgui Pinkhassov, Magnum: Naoshima, Japan. November, 2015. 

Guergui Pinkhassov on Great Journeys:

The domains of photography are time and space. What occurs at a point in time and where. Photography's aim is to bear witness. Those who are older remember more; those who are bolder have traveled farther. Everything is governed by physics, that is, the realm of clarity, of light. And where there is light, there is also shadow, where metaphysics holds its sway. Both light and shadow breathe meaning into a picture. But the real meaning remains outside the frame. Indeed, it is born outside the frame.


From Great Journeys  Magnum 70th Anniversary collection of square prints, which are on sale for just another few hours...  

Chosing a couple out of 150 was a torture, but in the end, this beautiful Pinkhassov is going to be mine!