werner bischof

that does not change anything

WERNER BISCHOF, Women praying for men going to war, Gian Coc, Vietnam, 1952. 

"I did not want to cover any revolutions or any wars after Budapest. It made no sense. I had thought, Capa said so too, that by taking pictures we were showing what the world is like, that you can at least in a small way influence behavior and the course of politics. But every journalist in a shorter or longer term knows it is not true -- the most horrible war pictures will never end wars. By showing a revolution you do not help the revolution nor do you do the contrary, you just document it. I am not even so sure that it's so important to document it because that does not change anything and I am not sure that a document that does not change anything is a valid document. (Erich Lessing). 

Magnum Analogue Recovery - 1947-1979; Le Bal, Paris; Notes from an exhibition