It's better not think of us, Noh actors, as artists, says Kazafusa Hosho, 20th generation head of Hosho Noh School in Tokyo. "Instead, think of us as psychiatrists."

"The purpose of Noh is to stop people and make them think. Reconnect them with their subconsciousness. 

"Noh is akin to prayer. It allows you to purify your soul. Deal with your demons and negative emotions. "




A unique feature of this mask is a small knot stain between the eyes from a know in the wood.

Hosho: "Because of this knot this fushiki zo is regarded to be imperfect and is generally considered to be an unsuccessful mask. But actually, when you look at real faces of humans, they are not spotless either, we have moles, marks and scratches, which make us unique and beautiful.  So i think it adds to the allure of this mask."




noh: to purify souls

noh: journey into another world